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Mango | 2010.01.27

Yup, a friend of mine, needed some help with painting and building a cabin, a little bit inland from Byron. Since I have nothing to do and could use some money, I was all excited to do some work. So we went there and the first thing you notice is all the mangos that are


Small small | 2010.01.25

There was not much swell around Byron so we decided to grab the camera and the underwater housing once again. We drove to Tallows where the water’s really clear. Apparently the water has to be even clearer to get good underwater shots. So I went back in the shorey and tried to get lucky. It’s


Magic | 2010.01.23

Finally there were some waves yesterday and the day before. It looked pretty good on the swell charts and it was the first sign of waves in “ages”. That was reason enough to get up around 5:30. A quick breakfast and chop chop to the beach. It didn’t look that good out the front so


laKriz 2.0 | 2010.01.15 is back online with a new face and new features. It took a little while, but I finally was able to launch the new laKriz. I hope you like it and I’m always happy to read about any feedback. News Language laKriz was written in German for the last 2 years but I thought


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