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And again | 2010.02.26

I just booked some flights. One is going to Bali… suprise, hehe. And after that I’ll fly back home. There are just so many things on my mind I have to figure out before I do anything else. Home is probably the best place to do that but before the dream ends (at least for


Broken… twice | 2010.02.14

No new pics today, but one of my all time favs. The surf was just pumping down at broken and nobody really wanted to take pictures. We should have though. We caught some nice waves and figured that we are ready for the winter… bring it on!!!


The inside | 2010.02.12

Hey peops, I have something to share today. As you can see on the first pic we went back in the water and we actually got some really nice shots. Main Beach was the place to be. The waves weren’t good for surfing but there were some big closeout barrels which looked really dirty and


Not much | 2010.02.05

There is not much to say about the last couple of days. Wasn’t really exciting. The weather is pretty bad and the waves aren’t that good. There was some swell but the wind wasn’t good at all. I was in the water twice, better than nothing I reckon. Check back later and hopefully there is


Easterly | 2010.02.01

We were all excited for this week. A big swell was expected and the wind was supposed to be just perfect for Broken. But like everything in life nothing is for sure. The swell arrived but the wind is straight form the east and nothing works, except the pass but it’s crowded as. The good


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