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Set-up | 2010.07.20

I have been quite busy the last couple of days. On Friday after work we went straight to Germany wakeboarding. They have a small lake with a lift there. It was pretty packed and they had no more wakeboards left to rent… only wakeskateboards. Haha, thats good because it’s way easier with those ;) .


Option No.3 | 2010.07.07

Still desperate for some surf we tried another option. Opening the dam! Not quite sure if we were allowed to though ;) . The water was pushing hard and….. it WORKED, haha. It still didn’t really work with the skatedeck but the surfboard was floating just perfect. Now it’s almost fucked, holes and dings everywhere


Surf’s up :) | 2010.07.05

It has been way too long since I surfed the last wave so we decided to try the riversurfing again. A little bit different than last time though. No big board and not really in the river. We just took an old skate deck and tried to surf on a “waterfall” thingy. (No idea how


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