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Kafkaesque | 2010.09.28

What to do? It’s been freakin boring around here. I’m sitting around all day, trying not to eat too much :) and waiting for some phonecalls which I might never get. Jep, it doesn’t look to good with the offshore shizzle… so what to do next??? I just updated the gallery a little bit. Should


604 | 2010.09.23

The first sunny day in ages and it was finally time to get my shoes dirty. Preikestolen it is. There is not much to say about it, just one damn fine view up there :). Check out the pics but for the real goosebumps experience you have to stand on the edge by yourself. I


Cold as Ice | 2010.09.17

Surf ahoy. We went out to Byberg yesterday and today. It was quite crappy yesterday, there was some swell but quite strong onshore winds. It looked like the same today but for about 2 hours the wind changed and dropped a lot. Surfing time. I arrived after 1 hour driving (couldn’t find the freakin way


Pass | 2010.09.14

Word up. A lot of traveling lately. Drove from Brevik to Stavanger on Tuesday. On the way I slept 2 nights in the car AND one evening I saw 2 moose! They were jumping through the wood like gazelle’s (big and agile mammaknullares, I’m telling ya), haha. The drive itself was really nice, such a


Norway | 2010.09.06

Alrighty, what happened lately? Not too much actually. I went to Goteborg and stayed there for 2 nights. So nice to sleep in a proper bed :). I arrived on Saturday and there was this huge student party going down. First we had a nice dinner with the new students… pure craziness – singing, weird


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