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On the move | 2010.10.27

Alrighty, Stavanger… check. I’ll leave for Sogndal tomorrow but there is a little change of “plans” (not that I have any, haha). We’ll take my buddies car since my one is about to die and I have only 2 winter tires on it. So I’ll be back in Stavanger by Sunday night and will be


Counting down | 2010.10.24

My time in Stavanger is almost up, 4 more days and I’m gone. Two days ago I went down to the beach for my probably last surf in Norway. It was fairly alright and I stayed in the water until it was pitch black. To be honest it got a lil bit scary, not able


Hands on the wheel, fuck that! | 2010.10.19

Stumbled upon this song the other day. Crazy chick, awesome song and even better lyrics!!! Other than that I’m in a not that happy mood these days. Just looks like things won’t work out how I was hoping for and I guess I can already smell the end of this trip. Don’t really know what


Codfish | 2010.10.17

The so called Codfish Surf Competition was going down this weekend and of course I was planing on taking a close look at the action. I got up at 8:00, packed my gear, scratched the ice of the car and headed to the beach. The waves were just crap and it didn’t look like there


Stavanger folks | 2010.10.15

Quite a different day today. Socializing here I come :). I just took my camera for a ride into the city. I guess every city has something to take pictures of but everybody does that. So I decided to snap pictures of some Stavanger people instead. I was quite surprised how many were up for


Sunset Sesh | 2010.10.11

Another sunny day in… well let’s not call it paradise but it has been quite nice the last couple of days. Surfpatrol at Byberg but instead of surfing I just enjoyed taking some pics. That’s it, adios homies.


Brynhild | 2010.10.08

Jausen! Here is the story. Lars and some friends were going to Portugal for some surf and the Ripcurl pro. One guy couldn’t go and we figured we could just change the name on the ticket and I would be coming with them. I was getting quite pumped already but unfortunately it didn’t work out.


Spray | 2010.10.05

Hola Folks! It’s been quite crazy around here…. not the everyday life and neither the surf though. There were some waves around but way to small. What I’m talking about is the sick offshore wind. I’ve never seen such strong offshore winds before. Of course I brought my cam and spent hours on the beach


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