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Currywurst fruchtig, Fritte spezial | 2010.11.24

I’m still at my buddy’s in Germany but I booked a ticket home for Saturday. So what’s happening around here? I’m working quite a bit, eating German specialties all day long (and candy) and talking loads about photography… still so much to learn and do! That’s about it, let’s see what home’s bringin, adios.


Schmermany | 2010.11.17

As you folks might now I’ve been in Copenhagen for the weekend. Sensation baby!! We had a real blast for quite some time, it just kinda sucked that we missed the start of it which is supposed to be the best part. Well, I guess I have an excuse to go again some day, haha.


Snooooowa | 2010.11.10

The last week I spent in Oslo, went for a couple of walks, took some nice pics but all in all it was rather disappointing. Now I’m back in Sk√∂vde and it was freakin snow storming around here. Today it was time to say goodbye to my old travelmate OGU, took it for the last


Floating | 2010.11.04

Put on the tunes, zoom out in your own little world and float through the city!!


Some more | 2010.11.03

shots from Oslo… this time Vigelands park. Finally got some nudity in front the lens :) .


26h | 2010.11.02

of driving the last couple of days. Stavanger-Sogndal-Stavanger-Oslo. Sogndal was pretty fun and the scenery was just gorgeous. I really wanted to try some downhill but the weather didn’t play along so we just went for a climb and had some fun nights out. Back in Stavanger I went to bed, packed my stuff and


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