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Summertime… | 2013.08.10

and the livin’s easy! What a summer it has been back home! Amazing weather and loads of stuff to do. Canyoning, climbing, highlining, hiking, doing some cowbusiness or just hanging with friends… GOOD TIMES. But after more than a year it was time to leave again. I just got back to Bali and about to


Bangers and Mash | 2011.04.04

Nothing goin on on lakriz these days so it’s about time. Where to start? Snowboard season is almost over but 2 weeks ago we got some nice powder and powderqueen lucy, gebi and myself hit the slopes at the Sonnenkopf. Damn, it was good!!! Ever since I just want more but the snow is pretty


Flash a-ha… | 2011.02.12

savior of the universe. Well I guess my flashes aren’t as important but still nice to have some. Got two a couple of days ago and went straight into the shed. Well, the pics kinda look like the ones we took a couple of weeks ago but it’s good to learn how to handle those


Sk8′n’Snow | 2011.01.10

Whatup bitches??? No work the last 2 weeks and plenty of time for some fun stuff. I hit the slopes quite some times, skating of course and a little bit of photography. Doesn’t sound like much but hey it’s holidays after all ;) .  Special thx to Alex!


Update | 2010.12.23

I’ve been home for a month already… crazy! So what’s new? We finally got to build the big “miniramp” and we are pretty stoked about the result… skate’s up!! I really want to hit the slopes as well but the day I went to buy the Skipass I figured I’m pretty much broke. Gotta wait


Back on … | 2010.12.04

I came home a week ago and I was pretty busy ever since. Arrived at 7:00 last Saturday, went straight into the casino (I figured spontaneous actions always pay out… wrong, haha), party right afterwards, riding some sweet pow pow the next day and a nice skatesesh in the avo. It was snowing quite a


Set-up | 2010.07.20

I have been quite busy the last couple of days. On Friday after work we went straight to Germany wakeboarding. They have a small lake with a lift there. It was pretty packed and they had no more wakeboards left to rent… only wakeskateboards. Haha, thats good because it’s way easier with those ;) .


Option No.3 | 2010.07.07

Still desperate for some surf we tried another option. Opening the dam! Not quite sure if we were allowed to though ;) . The water was pushing hard and….. it WORKED, haha. It still didn’t really work with the skatedeck but the surfboard was floating just perfect. Now it’s almost fucked, holes and dings everywhere


Surf’s up :) | 2010.07.05

It has been way too long since I surfed the last wave so we decided to try the riversurfing again. A little bit different than last time though. No big board and not really in the river. We just took an old skate deck and tried to surf on a “waterfall” thingy. (No idea how


Southside 2K10 | 2010.06.25

It was time again. I missed it last year but this year I got home just in time, yeyyy. Southside we’re coming! We wanted to leave at about 13:00 but as always we got on our way a “little” bit later. No biggy since it was only Thursday and no bands were playing anyways, we


This ‘n’ That | 2010.06.17

Whatzup? Not too much at the moment, a lot of work and I can’t seem to get my mind straight about a lot of things. But that’s nothing new :) . We took my brothers motocross bike with us to work the other day. We got a pretty nice grass stretch close to the highway


Riversurfing | 2008.05.23

Auf den mit mortz Wellen und Surfpros gespickten Blogeintrag vom Alex gibt’s natürlich den nächsten Eintrag übers Surfen in Österreich. Danke noch dem Alex für die super Bilder und den neuesten Neuigkeiten aus Oz. Nice!!!! Also heute war es endlich soweit. Nach ein paar Feinarbeiten am Brett (Finnen montieren, bissel Schleifen, …) sind wir (mein


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