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2013 | 2013.01.01

Happy New Year everybody! Little did I know what 2012 had in store for me when I stood in Byron Bay watching the rockets welcoming the new year and never would I have imagined 2012 going to be as good as it was. It really makes me realize ones more how fortunate I am being


Finally | 2012.01.16

This is it. The new design of and hopefully plenty of stories to come. Love & Peace, chris


Long time no … | 2011.12.18

Hey everyone, was off for quite a while now. I didn’t like the reasons for me blogging anymore so I just quit for a bit, but I’m pretty sure I’m good to go for 2012. A new design is in the pipe and I’ll hopefully be done by the 1.1. Yewww, stay tuned!


Hands on the wheel, fuck that! | 2010.10.19

Stumbled upon this song the other day. Crazy chick, awesome song and even better lyrics!!! Other than that I’m in a not that happy mood these days. Just looks like things won’t work out how I was hoping for and I guess I can already smell the end of this trip. Don’t really know what


Redesign | 2009.11.22

Hey Folks, new Site is coming soon!!!


Melon Choly | 2008.11.15

Ich bin jetzt schon seit zwei Wochen wieder zu Hause. Die Arbeit ist jetzt wieder t├Ągliches Brot aber es locken schon wieder neue Abenteuer. Heute habe ich den ersten Link auf meine Seite gestellt, Melon Choly Clothing. Ein Freund aus Kanada hat sich den Traum vom eigenen Label verwircklicht. Eine Druckmaschine im Keller und eigene


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