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Tracks | 2012.02.13

I got so many things to blog about but first things first. Right before I boarded the plane to samoa I bought myself a tracks magazine (australian surfmag), I knew whats going to be in there but seeing it is a whole other story. I sold them a shot of garrett parkes surfing main beach


Getting closer | 2012.01.22

Heya, my original plan was to head out to 3-4 amazing south pacific islands but it ain’t that cheap ;). So I pretty much played Eeny, meeny, miny, moe … and the winner is (drums & splash) – Samoa! SAMOAAA… it even sounds freakin awesome ;) . Looks like I got 3 more weeks in


1 Month | 2012.01.18

It’s been great. Believe it or not but I left Byron for about a month to check out some other places up the east coast. Some friends just got back from New Zealand and we teamed up for a fun road trip. I never really liked doing all the touristy things but I must say


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