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Samel samel | 2010.05.19

Fare thee well Bali. Ohhh, it’s time again. I already changed my flight once and I think about changing it again, haha. Just kidding, I’ll come back home… at least for a little while. But for now the dream is over. So I just try to enjoy the last couple of days to the fullest.


Babi Guling | 2010.05.05

Better late than never. I forgot some stuff about the last bali trip so here it is. The night before Gebi left Bali (I was supposed to leave too but you know what happened) we thought we should do something for the awesome staff at our hotel. The Balinese love their Babi Guling (sucking pig)


Recap | 2010.04.24

Buhhh, there is quite a bit to tell but I’ll try to keep it short. Finally I got to see some other island. We went to Nusa Lembongan for a couple of days. It was really nice, totally different than Bali. Really quite and relaxed… the surf was still crowded though. We surfed Shipwrecks ones.


Bali Bali Bali | 2010.04.02

It just sounds so crazy, 5th time on Bali. When I started my travels I never thought that’s even possible. So there is not much new stuff for me to explore. But lucky me there are always people I can show around ;) . Some old friends were the customers this time and we drove


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