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What a | 2012.03.02

… mission. A 30min walk, 45min paddle in a traditional samoan canoe, 3h swim, 45min paddle and a 30min walk. It was so worth it! The wave was pretty sick and as usual the water was as clear as it gets. I brought my surfboard but I was more than happy to take one or


Unreal | 2012.03.01

If anybody ever wants to write a book about me and myself make sure you mention the 1st of march 2012. People tell stories about unbelievable stuff all the time but I’m telling you, this day was too much to cope with… I’m serious. I was so high on life, still tripping on those endorphins


Salas | 2012.02.28

… is the name of the surf spot we went to every day and except 2 days we never got disappointed. The wave is just great, crystal clear water and no crowds. Once on the way back there was about 40 dolphins playing around in front of the boat… just amazing!


Dreamin | 2012.02.22

What a trip!! Samoa is just one piece of a sweet place. Crystal clear water (like it’s none existing), perfect waves, no crowds this time of year, dolphins, turtles and amazing people. I stayed at a place called maninoa right on the beach in a little fale. The nights were really peaceful and kinda scary


Roundtrip | 2012.02.14

The first couple of days I stayed in Apia. It’s the capital of samoa but still pretty small and nothing really going on. A friend took me for a ride around half the island to check out some waterfalls, beaches and the magnificent landscape. Another thing I did before I went down south was the


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