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Snooooowa | 2010.11.10

The last week I spent in Oslo, went for a couple of walks, took some nice pics but all in all it was rather disappointing. Now I’m back in Skövde and it was freakin snow storming around here. Today it was time to say goodbye to my old travelmate OGU, took it for the last


Skövde/Ljungby… check | 2010.08.24

The last day in Skövde we were able to sneak into a skatepark. It was a private session of some guys but they didn’t mind. Those guys were sooo good, crazy stuff. I just worked on my ollie, haha. Then it was Ljungby time. I drove about half an hour and found a nice place


Going north | 2010.08.16

Everything happened really quick. Booked my flight on Monday, flew up to Sweden on tuesday and caught up with Alex in Göteborg. Next day I got some special swedish breakfast and we went to Liseberg… Swedish rollercoaster madness. Pure craziness, some of the rides were just soooo sick. I wanna go again, NOW, haha. That


Day 10 – 13xx k’s later | 2010.08.15

Back in civilisation. It was really stormy today and when I went down to the lake for the last time I was getting goosebumps. Waves!!! Only 20cm high but they still looked great, hehe. And the wind… I just love it! Then it was time for Skövde. Arrived there shortly after, gave the car a


Day 9 – … and Up | 2010.08.14

Sleeping in!!! I got up at around 12, it was getting too hot in the car and I was all happy because I thought the sun is up. Na, just hot in the car ;). The party guys were still around so I decided to drive into a dirt road along the lake to look


Day 8 – The Down | 2010.08.13

Wasting time. All this driving around for nothing, I just can’t seem to find a nice place. So I decided to drive back to Vettern and chill there for the last 2 days. The highlight of the day… a hot dog from Ikea and some swedish folk party right next to my car while I


Day 7 – Too busy | 2010.08.12

The Search continued and slowly but surely I got sick of it. Didn’t think it’ll be that busy, I guess next time I have to go way up north. Spent the whole afternoon at another Resting Area, with skating, practising card tricks, frisbee, taking pictures and of course eating. I was all wet from skating


Day 6 – Bumburn | 2010.08.11

What a nice day. The sun was up for the first time and I was almost at the beach. A 45 min hike through the woods and I stood on an empty beach. Big stones to lay on everywhere, I had to try them all, haha. Hit me with music and chilled out the whole


Day 5 – Adios Kayak | 2010.08.10

There is a kayak rental guy on Hornslandet. It’s pretty sweet, one can rent a kayak for a day and you can do with it whatever you want. So I went back to the camping area and bought me some bangers. The plan was to get a kayak paddle to one of the empty islands


Day 3&4 – gettin’ Naked | 2010.08.09

I crossed a river on my way to… don’t really know. I stopped, took some stuff with me and hiked along the river. So hard to walk through the forest without proper ways :) . There was hardly a river bank so I was walking about 30 min. until I found some bigger stones I


Day 1&2 – OGU | 2010.08.07

OGU my magic “bus”. It’s an old Volvo, can’t lock one door, the wipers are shit and the cover of the ceiling is missing but other than that it’s a freakin awesome car :). The first day I only drove to Vettern, chilled out a little bit, took some long exposure shots and hit the


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