2013 | 2013.01.01

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Happy New Year everybody! Little did I know what 2012 had in store for me when I stood in Byron Bay watching the rockets welcoming the new year and never would I have imagined 2012 going to be as good as it was. It really makes me realize ones more how fortunate I am being able to do all these things and meet all you amazing folks.

Thanks heaps: Mutzi & Pap, Sammy, Nathan, Tommy, Harry & Kerianne, Surf Simply, Davika, Tim, James, Joel, Simone, Francesco & Paul, Tobi, Christo, Kimba, Jasmin, Sandi, Randi, Geppi, Vitl, K├Ąterle, Emelie, Silje, Budi, Harry, Gemma, Yana & Torsten, Mukk, Kwab, Eugene & the Crew on the Jiwa, Tsukini Hand Made, Gibbsey, Noah, Yup, Benni, Rasmus, Berndl, Schnorchlar and to all the great people I got the pleasure to meet last year.

Big love,



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