Dreamin | 2012.02.22

(Category: Samoa 12, Travel)

let's get tropical

What a trip!! Samoa is just one piece of a sweet place. Crystal clear water (like it’s none existing), perfect waves, no crowds this time of year, dolphins, turtles and amazing people. I stayed at a place called maninoa right on the beach in a little fale. The nights were really peaceful and kinda scary at the same time. It was like sleeping right on the beach, the sound of the ocean putting you to bed and the nightskys were just loaded with the brightest stars. Scary part was the fallin coconuts, it sounded and felt like somebody is throwing a shoe at your fales door, buaahhh.

In the end you go to bed after a perfect day thinking it can’t get any better… then you wake up and the next day arises. This is pretty much samoa to me. Stay tuned for some more samoan tales, tofa.



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