Every end … | 2012.02.06

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byron bay lighthouse

is a new beginning. That was it, Byron the 5th is over. I packed all my bags, jumped in the car and left Byron with all it’s beauty behind me. It wasn’t really easy. There is always that one short moment where you are about to leave but right then you feel like staying for way longer even if you were quite excited heading of to new adventures. All the amazing memories rush through your head and I’m telling you it’s even worse if you have to drive for an hour all by yourself and have all that time to think about it. Byron will always be there and I’m sure at some point I’ll be back.

Samoa is just a footstep away and I’m already getting really excited. To be honest until a couple of days ago I haven’t really checked what’s happening on those Islands in the east. Mrs. Google was kind enough to provide me with some informations and pictures….. can’t wait!! Island paradise here I come.

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