Mighty Jiwa | 2012.11.01

(Category: Indo 12, Travel)

Shiver me timbers! The day before I left macas I got an email of Samwise asking if I’m keen on doing some photography on the mighty Jiwa for a month. Another no brainer… so I changed flights again, bought a proper lens the last moment, which was quite a mission (short version: had to order from Jakarta, credit card wasn’t working, got it sent, got the wrong one, sent it back and got the right one just when the boat was about to leave). No stress though. Like always things tend to work itself out and if not it might lead to some other amazing moments instead. Could have taken that lens to take some pictures of wild Sumatran tigers… just sayin ;) .

The crossing was quite rough and I got a bit seasick. Eventually the storm passed and we were in the middle of paradise (only Eve was missing). Palm trees, empty islands, pumping waves, stoked people … Even though I took quite some pictures I managed to squeeze in at least 4 hours of surf every day. Such a good feeling to fall into bed at 8pm, fully exhausted and frothing for the next day. After 24 days at sea it was time to stand on firm ground again. I flew back to Bali, stayed for a night and took a plane to Austria the next day. I’ll be back, aarr!



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